Full pension in normal 4 star hotel with buffet breakfast, motorcoach,
local guide service and entrance fee are included.
(we choose the hotels, which have the history about music)   arrival Arrival at Vienna
  hotel Hotel zur Kaiserin Elisabeth or similar (Grieg, List, Wagner etc overnighted) morning Vienna Schoenbrunn
  lunch Restaurant Griechenbeisl (where Beethoven, Schubert, Wager often visited)
afternoon Vienna Mozart's Figaro House, Stephans Dom, Kaerntnerstrasse, House of Music
  dinner Restaurant in House of Music
  opera Staatsoper
  hotel Hotel zur Kaiserin Elisabeth or similar morning Vienna Zentral Friedhof, where Beethoven, Schubert, Johan Strauss, Brahams etc. are buried.
  lunch At Old Danuvue (original viennese Danuvue)
arternoon Vienna Stadtspark (sculptures of Strauss, Schubert, Bruckner etc), Beethoven's Square, Musik Instrument Museum, Hofburg, to drink coffee at Cafe Haus Landtmann, where Schonberg often visited, Beethoven House in Heiligenstadt
  dinner Heurige restaurant, where Beethoven lived.
  concert Musik Verein or Konzert Haus
  hotel Hotel Hoeldleinmuehle, where Franz Schubert composed the famous lied "Lindenbaum", or similar morning Eisenstadt
(city of Hayden)
Go to Eisenstadt, Palace Esterhazy, Hayden Museum etc.
  lunch In Palace Esterhazy
afternoon Rohrau
Hayden's Birth HouseList's Birth House
  dinner at the restaurant in Hotel Hoeldleinmuehle
  hotel Hotel Hoeldleinmuehle or similar morning Vienna Woods Helenen Valley, where Beethoven meditated for 9th Symphony, Baden etc
  lunch Richard Haus, which has very nice view
afternoon departure