Euroscope appeals to various kinds of tourist groups and organizes travels to many European countries. We have a lot of experiences in Central and Eastern Europe. If you have a group which wants to visit several countries in Central and Eastern Europe (such as Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Rumania, Bulgaria etc.), Euroscope can organize it offering the best prices and the highest quality.


One of our tours, e.g., is based on classical music. In the woods of Vienna, you can enjoy a world famous Schubert 'lied' or a waltz of Johann Strauss on the coach and follow the steps of Beethoven by walking on exactly the same path where Beethoven was composing his 9th Symphony. In the center of Vienna there are so many buildings, which tell stories about world-renowned musicians and their music. There are also famous historical concert halls such as Staatsoper, Konzerthaus, Musikverein etc. Also visit the appartments, where Schubert, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart etc. lived. The tourists can drink coffee at the Cafe Haus, where Arnold Schonberg also enjoyed his 'melange'. At the house, where Beethoven lived and which is now one of the many 'Heurigen' (wine taverns) in Vienna, the dinner and wine are prepared for you. In the evening you can then go to the concert hall or opera.
Euroscope does not only have a lot of experiences with organizing pilgrimages for Catholics and Protestants but also with art tours, tours for children etc.

  Many tourists come to Europe in order to broaden their horizons or to make important business contacts. For those, a business visit is the essential part of the tour. Therefore Euroscope also organizes business visits for this particular target group. For example, if the members of an agricultural cooperative would like to visit a sausage factory in Vienna, Euroscope can organize it. And if public officials would like to make contact with local people, who work for the protection of the environment, Euroscope can help them.

  You don't need to book at several tour agencies if you would like to visit serveral countries in Europe. We are a one-stop agency offering everything you need (hotels, transportation, meals, guides, etc.) to make your trip to Europe a pleasant and successful one.